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This case study explores the implementation of an e-commerce platform on AWS cloud infrastructure. The project aimed to create a scalable, reliable, and secure platform for an online retail business. The key requirements included scalability, availability, security, performance, and cost optimization.

To meet these requirements, various AWS services were utilized. Amazon EC2 instances hosted the web application, while Amazon S3 stored static content. Amazon RDS managed the relational database, and ElastiCache with Redis provided caching capabilities. Amazon CloudFront served as a CDN, and Amazon Route 53 handled DNS management. Amazon CloudWatch monitored system metrics, and AWS WAF protected against web-based attacks.

The architecture consisted of multiple layers, including the user interface, application, data, content delivery, and networking layers. This setup ensured efficient handling of user requests, processing of business logic, data storage, content delivery, and load balancing.

The benefits of implementing the e-commerce platform on AWS included scalability to handle high traffic loads, high availability through multi-AZ deployment, enhanced security, improved performance with caching and CDN capabilities, and cost optimization through auto-scaling and efficient resource usage.

By leveraging AWS cloud services, the client achieved a robust and scalable e-commerce platform, providing a seamless shopping experience to customers while ensuring data security and reducing infrastructure costs.